Collection: The Ultimate Hoofpick, aka "the Jackhammer"

Unbendable, Unbreakable, Unbeatable!

The Ultimate Hoofpick was built to handle everything your horse steps in, from pebbles to the toughest debris, with maximum ease for you. It’s constructed with an ergonomic grip and comes with a lifetime guarantee from bending and breaking. Imitators come and go, but the original Ultimate Hoofpick has never been equaled.

From the first time you hold it in your hand, you’ll know that the perfectly ergonomic Ultimate Hoofpick is solidly built, worth every penny and the last hoofpick you’ll ever need. When you have to clean out mud like concrete, The Ultimate Hoofpick just gets the job done, quick and easy.

hoofpicks on grass 600
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee*

*If it ever bends or breaks, we'll replace it, no questions asked.

Manufactured by Equinimity, LLC