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Spirit of the Horse Ltd.

Back on Track® Cate P4G Women’s Tights

Back on Track® Cate P4G Women’s Tights

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Are you tired of shivering and uncomfortable chills during the winter months? Introducing our state-of-the-art Infrared Back on Track Leggings – your ultimate cold-weather companion. Crafted with innovative infrared technology, these leggings not only retain your natural body heat but also use therapeutic infrared waves to boost circulation and promote cellular activity.

The result? You stay warm, energized, and less prone to winter aches.

Warm up, cool down, or kick back in these comfortable, thermo regulated women’s Cate Tights with Iontex® technology. Simplistically refined they are designed with a tailored fit and elegant printed details. The waistband lies comfortably against your skin with a wider band. The inside of the tights are brushed for a peach fuzz feel while using the infra red therapy of Iontex to aid in comfort, performance and recovery. Cate tights are thicker than the Caia, yet breathable, with no lace or pockets.

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