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Spirit of the Horse Ltd.

Back on Track® Haze Collection Jump Saddle Pad

Back on Track® Haze Collection Jump Saddle Pad

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Discover the innovative Haze Collection Saddle Pads, uniquely blended with a Welltex® bio-mineral formula. This advanced technology emits far infrared (FIR) light rays, offering therapeutic benefits. These FIR waves are not only safe but effective in boosting circulation and reducing inflammation. The gentle infrared wavelengths enhance blood flow, delivering essential nutrients, oxygen, and proteins to targeted areas, aiding in pain relief and reducing inflammation. Energized by the power of far infrared rays, these saddle pads are designed to help your horse relax and move with ease.

Available in a variety of colors, the Haze Collection saddle pads are designed to perfectly complement other items in the Haze Collection. Each pad is crafted with an extra high chamber, providing unparalleled freedom of movement at the withers. The pads are elegantly trimmed with cord and feature a leather-look badge adorned with the Back on Track® logo in brushed metal, adding a touch of sophistication. The inclusion of faux fur at the withers and D ring straps for easy saddle attachment ensures a comfortable fit. This design significantly reduces the pressure points on the shoulders often associated with traditional saddle pads. Additionally, these saddle pads are made with a moisture-permeable waffle textile and filled with shock-absorbing polyfill, combining comfort with functionality.

  • Enhanced Absorbency
  • Welltex Infrared Technology
  • Quick Drying
  • Waffle Weave Fabric
  • Lighweight and Breathable
  • Texture and Softness
  • Durability and Versatility

Collection Sizes

Length is front to back | Depth is from withers vertically.
Length: 24″ / 63 cm
Depth: 19″ / 49 cm

Length: 27″ / 69 cm
Depth: 20″ / 51 cm

Length: 28″ / 71 cm
Depth: 21″ / 54 cm

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