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Spirit of the Horse Ltd.

Back on Track® Royal Performance Bell Boots

Back on Track® Royal Performance Bell Boots

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Back on Track® No Turn Bell Boots (sold in pairs) feature an Impact resistant exterior, anti-slip fit, anti-rotation and lined with the unique Welltex™ ceramic infused material (providing soothing, pain relieving FAR infrared therapy). The material distributes the force of a stroke, while the strengthening stops a horseshoe from crushing the boot and injuring the horse. They are very easy to wipe clean! Plus, they have a special elevation inside, which fits into the horses pastern to prevent the boot from twisting around.

FIR products by Back on Track are fused with a safe formula of bio-ceramics called Welltex® emitting beneficial light rays of far infrared energy. These safe waves of FIR energy help increase the circulation and reduce inflammation. Soothing infrared wavelengths help to increase blood flow, which provides nutrients, oxygen and proteins to the area to help relieve pain and inflammation.

These no turn bell boots are energized by the power of infrared rays.

Sizing Chart:
Performance Bell Boots SM MD LG
Top (A) 23cm 24cm 27cm
Bottom (B) 35cm 37cm 38cm
Drop (C) 10cm 10cm 10cm
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