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Spirit of the Horse Ltd.

Back on Track® Deluxe Mesh Rug with Hood

Back on Track® Deluxe Mesh Rug with Hood

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Special Promotion. When you buy a colored mesh rug you will receive a free neck attachment worth $99!

The Back on Track® Mesh Rug and Hood Combo is the ideal choice for horses who show back and neck soreness, muscle tension, arthritis, or have a tendency to be stiff. With exceptional coverage, the breathable mesh outer of the Rug and Hood pairs with our Welltex® technology to assist in muscle and joint recovery, to speed healing, to lessen inflammation and to increase comfort. Welltex® fabric is a special mineral composition which creates a soothing infrared effect which is well known to increase circulation.

We recommend gradually implementing the use of any BoT item to let your horse’s body get accustomed to it. Please visit to learn more.

Many people use the rug in a variety of ways from overnight in a stall (pull off for turnout), while hauling, pre or post ride, in a recovery situation and many more.  It is always great to consult your vet for more ideas of how to use our products in tandem with a recovery. If you are looking to help your horse get ready for a competitive event, this is great to start using a few weeks leading up to the competition.

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