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Spirit of the Horse Ltd.

Equine Fusion Stud Kit

Equine Fusion Stud Kit

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The Equine Fusion Stud Kit is specifically designed for the Jogging Shoes. The studs are easy to fit and provide extra traction for snow, ice and slippery mud conditions without compromising the unique properties of the jogging shoes.

Now you can have year-round use of the jogging shoes regardless of spring mud or winter ice conditions.

The studs can be easily installed and removed when they are no longer needed. The kit comes complete with a special installation tool that fits into a standard drill.

It is highly recommended to use an Equine Fusion Dampening Pad inside the regular Ultra Jogging shoes whilst using the studs. This is to ensure the most comfort for the horse, and the best duration of both the sole and studs.

Sold in packs of 32 incl. installation tool.

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