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Spirit of the Horse Ltd.

FISKE'S Hoof & Hide Balm 450mL

FISKE'S Hoof & Hide Balm 450mL

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Daily conditioner for both dry and wet seasons.

In wet conditions – helps prevent thrush as well as treats thrush very quickly, conditions the hoof while oils and beeswax create natural barrier keeping excess moisture out while allowing hoof to breathe – NO silicone in it to clog it up!

In dry times prevents cracks and keeps hoof moist, promotes circulation and increases growth rate.

Abscesses? Heals those too! Fiske’s Hoof & Hide Balm is also effective as a liniment. It is very soothing for sprains or stiff muscles and joints in any animal – it’s very soothing, warms when it needs to, and cools when it must – with built in (wintergreen) pain relief & takes out swelling too – a great combination of ingredients that work together to heal and refresh.

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