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Spirit of the Horse Ltd.

Hydrate 24 Brush

Hydrate 24 Brush

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They Hydrate 24 Brush is a Soft Natural bleached white Tampico Made in USA.

This brush is designed to apply Hydrate 24, as it remove excess dirt. It absorbs the Hydrate 24 for application to the Horse's' body.

This brush has a comfortable block design to fit your hand, and covers more area, reducing time and effort. It is made with molded Polypropylene, in a comfortable shape. It will not rot or mildew. (Do not store in plastic, or closed grooming box, air dry!) It has slight abrasive qualities which makes it ideal for cleaning/polishing body.


Directions: Use curry brush first. Then spray Hydrate 24 onto brush and brush horse. To clean the brush, wash as needed, with restore shampoo and warm water or a brush cleaner

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