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Spirit of the Horse Ltd.

KPP Neigh-Lox® Advanced

KPP Neigh-Lox® Advanced

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No guts, no glory.
Maintains a healthy digestive tract in horses of all ages.

Why choose Neigh-Lox® Advanced?

Neigh-Lox Advanced provides a scientifically advanced blend of ingredients that work synergistically to maintain  a healthy stomach, small intestine and hindgut.   Horses with a healthy GI tract absorb optimal levels of  nutrients and maintain a normal weight. They have a healthy immune system and are less prone to digestive health issues.

Supporting overall wellness.

The ingredients in Neigh-Lox Advanced help maintain a healthy digestive tract in horses that are consuming high-grain diets, are under stress, or are prone to digestive health issues. These ingredients support a healthy digestive tract by maintaining normal pH levels throughout the tract, sustaining healthy tissues, and nourishing a healthy microbiome.  When horses’ digestive tract is  healthy they have a normal appetite, they utilize their feed efficiently and they sustain a healthy immune response that contributes to overall wellness.

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