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Spirit of the Horse Ltd.

Mane-ly Long Detangler Polisher

Mane-ly Long Detangler Polisher

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Virtually the best product on the market today!! A long Lasting Nourishing Formula!

Formulated for Horses, Dogs, People too


The Detangler Polisher will keep the horses mane & tail stronger, healthier, and tangle free for up to 7 – 10 days!

Results: Silkier, Smoother Hair with shine! Lasting 5 X’S plus longer than any product! Contains Vitamin B and Keratin. No alcohol, no solvents.

 It will also protect and maintain healthy hair while protecting it against the harsh outdoor elements of cold, hot, dry, wet, sun , dirt, and wind to name a few.


Detangle, polish, de-frizz, de-matt, shine and MAINTAIN! This says it all and more. An amazing product that will gently remove Tornado tangles, Knots, mats and burrs in minutes NOT Hours! Relaxes dreadlocks, and allows brushing regularly which cleans the hair and keeps it tangle free longer. Use as maintenance and prevent urine stains too!

 -The Polisher will add shine and protect and it will NOT Freeze in the very cold winter months!! Ask our Alaskan, Canadian, and Icelandic customers , oh boy do they know so…18 below and still no freezing!

**Formulated with Keratin Amino Acids, Panthenol and Layered with water and non water soluble silicones, (no alcohol, no solvents added, read our article about silicones and how great they actually are!).

-No Residue, Repels dust, dirt, stains, cuts grooming time, keeps hair tangle free, soft and silky.

-No washing needed when reapplying using our system.

** If its your first time please wash with our restore shampoo to remove any residual residue from another product!


We encourage brushing with our system. Brushing keeps the horse cleaner and healthier. When you have the correct amount of Polisher in the hair and use our brushes you will not be pulling out or breaking the hair!!! Polisher allows for the glide with its silkiness it leaves in the hair and smoothing the hair cuticle. It is Not oily, it will not gunk up, and no residue, it just wears away or washes out.

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