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Spirit of the Horse Ltd.

Mane-ly Long Maintenance Brush

Mane-ly Long Maintenance Brush

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The Right Brushes are so important. A sturdy, extremely durable brush to Maintain the detangled mane, tail, hair, lightly brushing out debris, cleaning the hair and keeping it tangle free! There are no seams at the handle,(where most brushes break).Having Polisher in the hair allows for daily brushing with this great brush.(also makes a great body brush too!) The nubs are molded from one piece (no seams) so the hair can not break off! This brush is so well made the the inside piece is secured in so it does not pop out while brushing!

This brush is an integral part of this grooming system in attaining and maintaining, a longer, silkier, smoother mane, tail and hair.


This brush is used to maintain detangled hair. It will clean the hair and keep it debris free and tangle free. When the brush does not glide easily through the hair it means stop, add more Polisher!! If it gets stuck, or you are pulling out the hair and you can no longer brush easily, STOP, please add more Polisher……. listen to your brushes!


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