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Spirit of the Horse Ltd.

Mane-ly Long Shampoo Spray Unit - EMPTY - REFILLABLE

Mane-ly Long Shampoo Spray Unit - EMPTY - REFILLABLE

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This is an EMPTY 32 oz. Refillable/Reusable Shampoo Spray Bottle with a Hose sprayer attachment unit. Just fill with our 32 oz. Restore Shampoo, attach your hose, and it will mix the shampoo and water as you spray. Turn shampoo off and then rinse with just water. This unit is refillable and quite easy to use.

This is ideal for washing your horses and livestock.

The custom hose attachment has a great dilution ratio for our High Quality Concentrated Restore Shampoo. Mixes the shampoo with water. It has 3 position flow controls.
Saves time and product too! Enjoy Grooming More…easier too!

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